About Us

Mission Statement

The mission, values and vision of the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 25 (the District) Board of Directors is a commitment to the provision of the highest quality water, sewer, fiscal, and customer services to the community, customers, and stakeholders. The District pledges to strive to achieve the mission by maintaining the purity of the water supply; by providing quality customer service to residents, employees, vendors, and consultants; by maintaining the integrity and quality of District facilities to include equipment, plants, sanitary systems, distribution systems and infrastructure; by controlling and directing development and the associated tax base in a manner that provides maximum benefit to all taxpayers and stakeholders; and by ensuring long-term sustainable financial growth, viability, and stability for the District by discharging fiscal responsibilities through actions and activities in compliance with the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity to achieve results that provide maximum benefits to all stakeholders.

Further, the Board of Directors pledge to the employees of the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 25 is to create a culture that encourages the provision of the excellence in customer service and products by providing employees opportunities for the development of skills and abilities to facilitate career advancement to better serve customer needs; by empowering the employees with the decision-making authority to complete daily responsibilities in a manner that fosters customer satisfaction for all stakeholders; by creating a participatory environment that encourages feedback and input regarding the best and most effective methods for attainment of the District's mission and strategic objectives; by providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure successful completion of daily responsibilities in a manner that supports providing the highest quality service and products; and by adopting a lead strategy for a competitive compensation and benefits program, including recognition for years of service and rewards for quality performance, to reinforce District's philosophy that each employee and his/her contributions are of value as we strive, in partnership, to achieve the District's mission.

Strategic Plan

Development and implementation of a short- and long-term strategic plan to include:
Development of an emergency preparedness (disaster) plan (must include provision for drought contingency as well as other disasters) for :
The District