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Outreach Materials & Kids Stuff

The Role of Local Governments in Implementing the NPDES Stormwater Program for Construction Sites
This new brochure provides local governments with a brief overview of the NPDES Stormwater Program on construction sites. Local governments can then provide this information to people in the construction industry who might need NPDES permit coverage. Stormwater permits require many operators of construction sites to implement steps to prevent sediment and other pollutants from washing off into nearby streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. Versions of both the Federal and State brochures are available. May be customized. EPA 833-F-06-0022.

Local Federal Guide Local State Guide

How Do I Get Stormwater Permit Coverage for My Construction Site? A Construction Site Operator's Guide to EPA's Stormwater Permit Program
Provides construction companies with a brief overview of EPA's Construction General Permit (CGP) and its requirements. It is being sent to construction companies to inform them of the need to obtain permit coverage for sites disturbing one acre or more. The brochure contains a summary of the major provisions of the CGP, including areas of coverage, using EPA's new electronic notice of intent system for obtaining permit coverage, developing a stormwater pollution prevention plan, and more. English and Spanish Versions of both the EPA and State brochures are available. Revised: September 2007. EPA 833-F-04-002.

After the Storm Brochure
Provides a broad overview of stormwater pollution, including runoff from residential and commercial properties, farms, construction sites, automotive facilities, forestry operations, and others. May be customized. This brochure is also available in Spanish. EPA 833-B-03-002

English Version Spanish Version

Make Your Home the Solution to Stormwater Pollution Brochure
This short brochure is targeted directly to homeowners and provides tips on a wide variety of simple things that homeowner's can do to prevent stormwater pollution. May be customized. EPA 833-B-03-003

Solution to Pollution

Stormwater and the Construction Industry Poster
Great for construction sites of all sizes! You can print this poster on 11x17 paper. Side one of this informative poster illustrates proper installation of common sediment and erosion control practices (best management practices). Side two describes the process for developing and implementing a stormwater pollution prevention plan and obtaining permit coverage. Download the images used for this poster. EPA 833-H-03-001

Water Efficient Landscaping
This booklet describes the benefits of water-efficient, low-impact landscaping. It includes examples of successful projects, programs, and contacts. EPA 832-F-02-002

Water Efficient Landscaping

Door Hanger: "Stormwater Pollution Found in Your Area!"
Provides a friendly reminder to keep trash, chemicals, and other pollutants out of storm drains. For use by stormwater inspectors and other local officials, in conjunction with illicit discharge elimination systems. You may use this file to reproduce this door hanger. EPA 833-F-03-002

Door Hanger

Bookmark: "10 Things You Can Do to Prevent Stormwater Runoff Pollution"
Great promotional item! This handy bookmark lists 10 simple things anyone can do to prevent stormwater pollution. EPA 841-H-03-003


Placemat: "Take the Stormwater Challenge"
Provides a fun learning opportunity for middle school children and can be used to generate classroom discussion or further exploration of water pollution issues. EPA 841-H-03-002


Kid's Stormwater Stickers

Kids love to collect and trade stickers! There are two pages with 12 colorful stickers that will help kids learn about some key water pollution issues. You may use this file to reproduce these stickers. EPA 833-E-03-0

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