Water Conservation

Fabiola Padron, Executive Administrative Manager

(281) 277-0129, ext. 5405

District residents want their communities to be sustainable. However, to achieve sustainability and long-term viability, the District and its residents must work together to implement successful water conservation practices. Water efficiency and conservation contributes to reduced subsidence, which aids efforts to reduce flooding, and helps improve the health for our aquifers, which will provide adequate sources of drinking water for future generations. Additionaally, water efficiency results in less run off into lakes and rivers and less energy used in the provision and treatment of water, which increases the opportunity to create a sustainable environment now and for the future. Most people don't realize the complexity of the distribution of quality drinking water and the collection and treatment of sewage and may not be aware that the District's water and wastewater facilities represent the largest electrical consumer within the District. Thus, each of us has a responsibility to use less water to ensure adequate water supplies for the future and to reduce overall energy consumption.

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