Why Water Conservation is Essential for Sustainable Communities

District residents want their communities to be sustainable. However, to achieve sustainability and long-term viability, the District and its residents must work together to implement successful water conservation practices. Water efficiency and conservation contributes to reduced subsidence, which aids efforts to reduce flooding, and helps improve the health for our aquifers, which will provide adequate sources of drinking water for future generations. Additionally, water efficiency results in less run off into lakes and rivers and less energy used in the provision and treatment of water, which increases the opportunity to create a sustainable environment now and for the future. Most people don’t realize the complexity of the distribution of quality drinking water and the collection and treatment of sewage and may not be aware that the District’s water and wastewater facilities represent the largest electrical consumer within the District. Thus, each of us has a responsibility to use less water to ensure adequate water supplies for the future and to reduce overall energy consumption.

The District is committed to protecting ground water sources by providing conservation programs that reward consumers for using less water, which will lower monthly water bills and/or earn credits to your water bill account:

1. Install Low-Flow Showerheads at No Cost to You! The District will provide two (2) low flow showerheads to all residential customers at no cost to the customer. All you have to do to obtain your showerheads is to complete the form click here to print the Low Flow Showerhead Order Form, drop form in a District payment box, or complete the on-line order form, (allow 3-6 weeks for availability for pickup).

2. Enroll in the District’s Rebate Program! Water Conservation Rebate Program Form

3. Earn a One-Time Credit to Your Bill! All you have to do is (1) Install a High Efficiency Toilet (HET) or a Water Smart Irrigation system at your residence within the District, (2) make an appointment for one of the District’s Inspectors to visit your residence to verify installation (will photograph as part of the verification process), and (3) provide a copy of the proof of purchase. Once all three steps are complete and the paperwork has been submitted to the District’s Billing office, you can earn a one-time maximum credit of $50.00 (fifty dollars) to your water bill.
Don’t be a Water Hog! Partnering with the District, by taking advantage of one or more of our Water Conservation programs, helps to create sustainable communities and just makes sense…and now you can earn “cents” by taking steps to increase efficiency through reductions in overall water usage which helps to reduce energy consumption, reduce subsidence, and ensure an adequate supply of water for future generations.



District customers now have the opportunity to participate in a voluntary program that offers a rebate (in the form of a credit to your water bill) designed to encourage water conservation. The program is very simple:

• In order to be eligible to participate, customer must have had services in the District for one year prior to enrollment date.

• Residents who wish to join the program must contact the billing office (281-277-0129, option 2) and agree to participate in the program for one year (365 day period to be calculated from the date the resident joins the program).

• For this one year period, the billing and collection staff will compare the resident’s current water usage (gallons used) to water usage for the same time period in the previous year.

• Every 6 months in the defined 12 month period that the customer uses less water (measured in total gallons used) compared to the water used for the same period in the previous year, the resident will receive a 10% rebate in the form of a credit to their water bill (based on current year’s usage with a maximum credit of $75.00 per account.) For the months in the current billing cycle when total gallons used equals or exceeds amounts used compared to the same period in the previous year, no credit will be issued.

• The conservation rebate program ends 365 days from the date the resident joins the program. To sign up for further rebates, the resident must voluntarily sign up for a new one year commitment. Water conservation just makes sense…and now you can earn “cents” (credit to your water bill) for taking steps to ensure an adequate supply of water for future generations.